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Informational Entries

Margie B. / Niles, IL.


I never saw myself as old, let alone a senior citizen. After a fall, reality hit home. Post hospital, my neighbor gave me the business card for Divine Travel and what a God send it was. 

I was unable to get out of bed for a week, or to prepare my meals daily. Denise vacuumed, cleaned my kitchen, and bathroom. She catered to me in ways I didn't expect. This service is needed for sure and I'm grateful for the mindset of Mrs.. Gigi who has put this wonderful service together for us seniors, her evolution and life story is amazing.

J. Cohen / East Rogers Park, Chgo.


My daughter-in-law ordered a ride-share car for my routine cancer treatment appointment, which picked me up on time but picked two others up after. 

I was 25 minutes late for my appointment. 

After, I waited for a scheduled ride for over 40 minutes. It was impossible to reach my family members at the time and the ride-share company. 

 A women at the desk gave me a senior help & travel business card and suggested, I call to see if they are available right now . I called and the women on the line said, a ride would be there in 20 minutes, but made it in 15. I've been using this service ever since. My Routine-Round Trip Service is worth every penny for peace of mind.

S. Lee/ Rogers Park, Chgo.


Exiting Valli Market in Evanston, I was handed a magnetic business card and a flyer while waiting on my cab. I  thought it would work great holding up a few reminders on my fridge. Little did I know, it would be a big help almost 2 months later..

I needed meal prep and laundry help. My CarePro always did a little extra that made me appreciate her even more.

For 2 hours a day, 4 days a week for six weeks this young lady never led on that she was the owners daughter and that mom taught her everything she knows.

Thank You Divine Success, we need you to stick around.

" In Loving Memory LYNDA "/Rogers Park, Chicago. IL.


Gigi was the main caregiver for my late sister for a year before we (the family) knew what my sister was going through and had become completely visually impaired along with other major illnesses.. My sister would yell Gigi's name day and night, even after I arrived to help.. 

Gigi and her family were caring, polite, understanding and all had giving hearts.. I was a little taken back by this initially. I was bitter and jealous, After realizing, I was upset for no reason and my ill-will was actually envy, it was too late.  My sister had passed on.

I produced this review to say to ALL! "When you have this kind of support for you or a loved one, there's really no room to judge. and surely no room for resentment." 

Gigi woke up everyday with my sister on her mind. She made her breakfast, dinner, made her comfortable in every way, ran her errands, made sure she was wearing her favorite tangerine lipstick, took her to her appointments, got her dressed daily, had joyful conversations about the good times. She made my sister laugh and made her comfortable in every situation.. Thank You Gigi Vega  and your family too. (Just finished your book and I am still smh). May God Continue to Bless You with your Senior Care Agency. 

 T. Clark / Chicago, IL.

My moms knees and ankles were bad and had gotten worse over time. Living at home was always the goal. So we moved her onto the 1st floor of the home.

 The transition was more than we expected, even demolishing the dining room and half bath to make her private space. Through all of the dust and helping Mom with her transition, plus 2 or 3 weekly appointments out of the home,  DIVINE SUCCESS was absolutely outstanding.  

A. Collins/ Evanston, IL.

Waiting to be called, I saw and read the home help card in the waiting area and put it back in the pile. Saw my doctor and grabbed the card on my way out of the office. I found out, I'd be having knee surgery with about 8 weeks of recovery. 

My Care-Pro was the best. I got help with meals, laundry, pet care, getting to my follow-up appointments with a kindhearted young lady. Thanks for everything.

Joyce / Evanston, IL.

Our family thank you all at Divine Success. We weren't sure how we were going to handle both our parents in this time of need, but you folks at the agency have been the very best. "Toot-Toot" to Grace in Rogers Pk for telling us about you.

The Blake's/Chicago & Niles, IL.

We can't say enough to describe this place. they made a very stressful situation into a calm and extremely manageable one. Thank you Niya, Sara and Gigi. We'll never forget you.