What we Do

Companion Care

Our non-medical senior companions make life more manageable. Senior companions are essential and the eyes and ears to family members. Companions act as a friend who listen and cares... more than that, a caring friendship usually ensues. A senior companion will offer assistance in various ways.

Housekeeper Service

Our housekeepers are employed to assist seniors accordingly with tasks around the home that they are unable to maintain as often as in earlier years.

Laundress Service

Our Laundress takes care your clothes and garments. He or she specializes in the care of clothes, sheets, towels and related items. What a joy it will be for this service to be rendered in your home.

Travel Companion

Our travel companion, travels with you from start to finish. Plane or Train traveling to a different States. Our experienced, personable Travel Companions make travel easier in every way.

Wellness Drivers

Our door to door Wellness Drivers get you to your doctor's appointments and physical therapy appointments on time with great care.

Come See About Me Services

Do you have a loved one preparing for surgery or in the hospital and your schedule does not allow you to be there as often as you would like. Come See About Me is an absolutely amazing service that brings calmness and to an otherwise chaotic situation. (Also a great service for seniors who live long or short term in a facility, where I traction can be minimal at times).

Wellness Call

Our daily Wellness calls are from LIVE Caring Individuals who work with DIVINE SUCCESS Senior Services, Corp.. They're heartfelt phone calls daily to ensure that your loved one is just fine. Our Wellness call helps to ensure that you're loved one is at home, content, safe and secure. We will also remind your loved ones about up-and-coming activities and doctor visits.

Welcome Home

This service provides a one-time-in home transitional service for a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. Our Welcome home staff will clean and sanitize bathrooms, kitchen, clean the  Clients bedroom, wash clothes, towels and sheets and put them away. He or She will tidy up the home and possible make a nice comforting light meal before the Client arrives home. This service starts approximately 4-6 hours before the Client is to return home.

Let'sGoSeniors, Let's Go!

Only if your loved one is capable. We will incorporate a Care Companion to take a walk around the neighborhood 2-3 days a week (weather permitted)...and a little conversation along the way wouldn't hurt.

Kind * Professional * Compassionate * Good Natured


Why You Should Trust Us

When choosing the right non-medical home care agency, one of the most critical aspects of the research is who you should trust. 

With so many fly-by agencies, it's difficult to find a reliable source. We are an authentic business that is true to our word, true reviews 

and real clients.  We also have the best staff selection for your life or your loved ones' lives. We recommend Companions, Care-Pro Specialist and Travel Concierges who are experienced and/or have recent training. All,staff have had a full criminal background assessment, employment status investigation. All hires have had 3 or more person-to-person interviews through the hiring process. 

Our focus is to ensure that our potential workers are prompt, committed, trusting, patient, caring and generally warm people.

(Please remember, we are a non medical service and we pride ourselves in making sure our clients are happy, healthy and full of dignity)

Understanding * Loving * Thoughtful * Warmhearted

Care * Compassion * Commitment

Finding the right non-medical home care agency in Illinois can be a daunting task. First, you need to understand the difference between non-medical home care and medical home health care. As noted earlier, we  employ non-medical care staff who are actually caring, attentive, and experienced. Additionally, we have a great reputation and we ensure that our clients and their loved ones understand that since our clients are not sick per say, medicare and Medicaid does not pay for or cover non-medical needs and services.

Because DIVINE SUCCESS offers assistance and socialization to seniors, we may not qualify for government recompense or reimbursement. but you are more than welcome to inquire.

My Promise To You

Keeping true to our original goal of "Growing Old is not a punishment, so Let's Go Seniors. Let's Go!" We wanted to do things differently from the beginning. Instead of compiling a quick Top 10 list featuring the best this or that, we started by researching our clients and what their needs and wants are. Yes, real people that we spoke to live. Our reputation is important and we are happy to share our patrons live reviews with you.

 Our aim is to bring a new approach to the elderly and senior care humanitarian services that seniors deserve, based on integrity, trust, and client-centered care. Please take a look at our 

Customer Reviews page.